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what what, the view from my room 😁 #americaneagle #posterfromwork

what what, the view from my room 😁 #americaneagle #posterfromwork

pretty much my life lately…but i ain’t complaining :)

pretty much my life lately…but i ain’t complaining :)

// so my summer was like…//

Summer has finally come to an end, and it’s back to school! i can’t believe it. i know i haven’t been up to date with my tumblr, BUT anywho, here is a recap of my adventure this past summer…


as soon as school was over, i was so ready to start my summer…and where else to start it? cancun, mexico! first time coming with family, and we did all sorts of activities - from ziplining to drinking nonstop at our hotel bar. haha fun times.


upon returning home from my sweet getaway in mehico, it was nonstop rehearsing for “West Side Story,” where i took on the role as the badass puerto rican bernardo. practice was from 9am-4pm everyday of the week (excluding weekends) in berkeley. i literally had to drive from milpitas to berk every day. YMTC really worked us, but i liked it. it was so legit. i was challenged, sweating, and losing weight. lol. it was here that i got to know the cast more, as we went on few lunches together (a lot of philz coffee and cheeseboard for me during this time…and a lot of parking tickets -__- lol). 


in july, i continued rehearsing for the show which was quickly approaching. the show opened on july 13th and went on for two weekends with six shows. i tell ya, this production was such a great experience in so many ways. it was the first time i performed in front of a sold-out show every single night. the first time i had to speak in a spanish accent. the first time i had to fight on stage. the first time i’ve ever been with such a professional, legitimate and talented cast and crew. being bernardo was such a turning point for my acting career…very different from the troy bolton or aladdin that some have seen me as haha. i was truly amazed by the turnout and so blessed to be part of it. 


the show ended on july 22nd, and since then, i did not know what to do with my life for a while haha. i was having serious withdrawals for a bit. but i eventually had to move on to next best thing and that was….work. haha well, not exactly the next best thing, but hey, i’m getting paid and i get to be with some funny and chill company. i actually also auditioned for RENT, but that didn’t go so well (hence, i didn’t get in). i thought my dancing was just embarassingly off lol. oh well, it was probably for the best though.

there were a few of these days as well…just chillin.

then i got to hang out with my ate before she officially left norcal to do many great things as a grad

my dog crystal passed away :(

hung out with these fools a lot…haha.

spent time with my cousin sabrina before she left for fullerton, which a big move for her!

and finally, an impromptu road trip to vegas with the fam! gotta at least end it big, right? lol. didn’t do anything crazy (given that i was with parents and minors lol), but we were able to reunite with some old family friends from when i used to live in vegas…oh and got fat at wicked spoon buffet! 

and that’s pretty much it! 

this year at Cal is going to be a challenging yet exciting one. i seriously cannot believe i’m a senior now and i’m GRADUATING! whatthaaa. im excited for the future, but also really nervous. damn i’m gonna be so busy…

things to look forward to:

the octet!

constructing a 30-40 page thesis paper throughout the whole year (FML)

PCN 2013! (below is trailer of the past year’s production)

and graduating…

Check out my profile in the #liveyourlife contest. I need your vote to be in the next AE campaign! If chosen, I’ll be one of the next to model for American Eagle :) Thanks for your support!

Check out my profile in the #liveyourlife contest. I need your vote to be in the next AE campaign! If chosen, I’ll be one of the next to model for American Eagle :) Thanks for your support!

the full video of “boyfriend” by YMTC’s west side story cast haha..i miss this..

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